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Friday, May 18, 2012

Debating skills

A debate is, basically, an argument which involves the pros and cons of an issue.Using argument and persuasion to convince others views are correct is the concept of debates which are successful .

Fundamentals in debating
• Research
        Do a kind of research on the particular topic, so that you have facts to prove the points saying how this is true and not (yourdebate, 2011).Use a variety of sources to gather information. Use the statistic gathered
        to make the debate more complex to the audience meas that to attract. 
• Logic
       Use logic to develop your case and make your points (yourdebate, 2011). There should be a link between the previous point and the next.This helps to lead to a better conclusion at the end. 
sknvibes (2012)
• Counter Arguments
        It's always good to be prepared the arguments in advance (yourdebate, 2011). So that you can argue the point with related facts. 
• Keep an open mind
        Be open minded and prepared in order to change the opinion even you have to argue with other team with a differnt point (yourdebate, 2011).

• Don’t get personal
         In the heat of a debate it's easy to lose cool and attack the another person who has a different option (yourdebate, 2011). But sometimes the debate ends with joy peace. 


• Stay Focused
        Stick to the subject being debated and don't go off from the discussing point (yourdebate, 2011)

Forms of debate

Formal debates
Most structured of three forms. Provides official mechanism where one can express the views to the rest of the committeeIn-depth and informative are the main drawbacks of this type of debate..

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